Locally owned and operated, William R. Rust Funeral Home has always and will always strive for excellence in all phases of our profession. We offer the highest quality in service and facilities to individuals, to families, to the community, and to surrounding communities. With honesty and compassion, we do our utmost to meet the needs of all that call upon us. But we do not serve only those who come to us; we also reach out to extend our service to meet the needs of all in the community.

At all times we maintain a commitment to the highest standards of ethics subscribed to by our professional associations. We achieve this standard only because we have the dedication of all associates of the firm – a dedication that is both faithful to the ideals we set forth and devoted to the involvement in the communities we serve. To us, success is not measured simply in the well-being of William R. Rust Funeral Home, but in the well-being of the individuals that surround us.